Where Do I Start?

We know a lot of considerations go into planning your new bathroom or kitchen: countertops, sinks, faucets, accessories - you name it. That's why we created this checklist to get you started on your project.

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Look closely at the space. The first step is to decide what is the main purpose of your remodel. Are you looking to add extra space, upgrade the kitchen/bathroom, improve security, make changes for health reasons or just to improve your living space? Is there room to expand or redesign the existing floor plan? Get input from all members of your household to find out their wants and needs. Be sure to consider the short-and long-term implications of your renovation decisions. For example, will your choices increase or decrease the house's resale value?

Draw your space. Print planning sheet and use the graph papers section to sketch your layout. Each box represents one square foot. Be sure to include doors and windows.

Start gathering ideas. Look through magazines and save photos of rooms, products and floor plans that catches your eye. Collect fabric, wall covering and surface samples. Don't limit yourself to what you think you can afford at this point. Build an idea file of the things that appeal to you. The idea file will help you create a context, a look and feel that best reflects your personal tastes and will act as a stimulus and constant reference point for your plan – it will also be useful for your Frank Webb Home experts to help make recommendations that will work best for you.

You've seen what you like. Now you're getting a sense of how the things you like coincide with how you actually use the space. The next logical step is to look at what this will cost. Money is always an object, so this is a good time to determine how much you want to invest in your kitchen or bathroom. What is the total amount you are willing to spend and how much can or are you willing to borrow?

Visit with a Frank Webb Home expert – they will work with you to create the room that will be suite to your tastes and needs. Make your dreams reality.

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