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Frank Webb Home invites you to discover the stories of visionary business leaders and their exceptional employees who are living their American dreams. We are all the beneficiaries of their vision and ingenuity. Stop by your nearest Frank Webb Home, where you'll find friendly experts ready to help you create the home you imagine with American brands.

MTI Baths

Sugar Hill, GA - MTI was founded by entrepreneur J.C. Henry in 1988. Against sound advice, he started a company in the challenging financial climate when the interest rate was over 20% and his own age was nearing 60. This spirit of risk-taking was inspirational and integral to MTI's culture. His goal was a simple one: to make the best whirlpool tubs on the market. Within a few short years, his company was creating a higher quality acrylic tub than the majority of the industry. He went on to get a patent for the first self-cleaning whirpool tub and the company grew. When he retired in 2002, he wanted to leave the company in trusted hands, so he declined several offers when a group of 25 employees mortgaged all they had to raise the cash. They became the first tub manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty and they've gone on to win more than 100 awards for design excellence and product innovation.

Newport Brass

Santa Ana, CA - Founded in 1987 as Brasstech, when Ross and Geoffrey Escalette, a father and son team, recognized a need for reasonably priced plumbing products made of quality materials and crafted with the same care given to more expensive offerings. To fulfill the need, they took on the role as cultivators and craftsman of their products. Two years later, they created Newport Brass, a premium brand of solid brass faucets and fixtures. In the 1990s, the Escalettes added multi-operational machinery and their finishing expertise evolved to include a highly specialized technology mastered by few in the industry. This allowed Newport Brass to institute one of the defining and enduring features of the brand: being one of the first in the industry to offer 30 designer finishes.


Cabool, MO - Woodpro was founded in 1977, in America's heartland, to create custom bathroom cabinetry for American homeowners. Known for Lean Manufacturing Concepts, the company prides itself for having one of the industry's fastest cycle times, delivering even special orders on schedule 99% of the time, since 1993. The Woodpro team is dedicated to a mission of: Integrity ("We do what's right – for our customers, partners, employees, and the environment."), Accountability ("We do our very best and take responsibility for our actions and our inaction.") and Trust ("We create trust by treating people the way we'd like to be treated.") These qualities speak volumes about the work ethic and environment embraced by this American company.

Palmer Industries

Providence, RI - From buying and refinishing a brass bed for their own use, this family has grown into the leading manufacturer of custom sink legs in the industry today. The company started in 1976, as a Massachusetts brass specialty/antique store and metal refinishing business. By 1980, the Palmers moved into the brass reproduction business manufacturing brass candlesticks, planters, lighting fixtures, beds, replace doors and accessories. When brass fell out of favor, they honed their skills with chrome, satin nickel, bronze and stainless steel. Then a sales rep asked about making a chrome leg stand to support a marble-topped bathroom sink, and a totally new business was born. Now they are Palmer Industries, known for manufacturing solid brass jewelry-quality architectural metalwork, with complete custom capabilities.

Hubbardton Forge

Castleton, VT - Bringing soul, warmth and American spirit into lighting fixtures, Hubbardton Forge has become one of the country's oldest and largest commercial forges operating today. Founded in a Hubbardton barn in 1974, by two University of Vermont graduates who embarked on an artistic, entrepreneurial adventure Hubbardton Forge relocated in 1988, just down the road to its "forever" home in nearby Castleton. Hubbardton Forge artisans handcraft each product, one at a time. They employ approximately 235 designers, artisans, engineers and staff where the time-honored principles of forging are combined with the best applications of modern technologies and innovative design. Designers come from diverse backgrounds in architecture, engineering and even jewelry design, and their products reflect their very unique vision.


St. Louis, MO - Swanstone has been a leader in creating innovative and affordable solid surfacing products for more than 50 years. It started in 1964, with the introducti on of the Swan Shell Shower, a doorless, shell-shaped shower. Decades later, the company introduced Swanstone, a revolutionary and compression-molded solid surface material. Since then, the Swanstone line has expanded to include a wide variety of kitchen sinks, countertops, bath and shower walls and more. With manufacturing facilities in Centralia, Illinois, Swan continues to innovate new products for homeowners across the country.


East Rutherford, NJ - For 40 out of its 50-year history, Steamist has been focused on bringing the age old culturally specific practice of steambathing into the mass consciousness. In just the last decade, the level of awareness about the benefits of saunas and steambathing has risen exponentially, propelling Steamist to develop a total sensory experience with sound, aromatherapy, color and more.


Woodinville, WA - Founded in 1982, Strasser Woodenworks began in founder Robert Strasser's basement, where he produced oak bathroom accessories including towel bars and robe hooks, and then expanded to produce cabinets. He sold the company a few years later to current owner and president Andrew Hedreen. In 1999, the Washington Manufacturing Association identified Strasser as a company they would like to support at a time when many companies were moving manufacturing offshore. Together they collaborated to introduce lean manufacturing techniques and visited visited companies worldwide to learn more efficient ways to produce their vanities. Today Strasser makes every vanity to order with remarkable efficiency, has reduced waste and recycles more than 3,300 cubic feet of scrap wood every month.