Whirpool Tubs and Air Tubs: More Than Pampering.

We all know that soaking in a tub with soothing jets of air or water not only feels great, but also does wonders for both body and mind. It's an investment may actually pay off in better health, a more relaxed state of mind and more energy.

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The Difference between Whirlpool Tubs and Air Tubs

Most people don't learn that there are two types of jetted tubs until they begin shopping for one. Even then, it can be difficult to ascertain the difference -- and to decide which one is right for you. The simple definition relates to the mechanism each uses; whirpool tubs shoot jets of water, while air tubs shoot jets of air. This difference, however, affects two major areas: sensation and upkeep.

Sensation: Whirlpool tubs, which most of us remember from the start of this trend many years ago, offer deep massaging pressure focused on specific areas of the body. They are often the choice, for example, if you have arthritis or you are an athlete who often needs to sooth aching muscles after a workout.

Air tubs also provide a soothing massage, but they use more numerous, less concentrated jets to shoot millions of tiny, warmed bubbles through the water. The sensation is gentler, but very pleasant and therapeutic in its own way; in most major manufacturers' air tubs, the jets are actually arranged to provide maximum relaxation.

Maintenance: Here's where air tubs, which are "self-drying", gain ground with some consumers. After you're done bathing you can drain and then turn the jets back on to dry the tub. Water jets can be cleaned as well, but the jets can't be operated while the tub is empty, which makes cleaning just slightly more complicated.

A note about style: Both types of tubs also come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to suit every home. When it comes right down to it, like so many remodeling questions, the answer just comes down to personal preference.

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