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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Idea Center

Idea Center

The kitchen and bath are the most essential rooms in a home. Spaces should be welcoming and reflect your sense of style and personality. (In fact, it has been stated that the bathroom is the most private room in the home, yet can be the most public.)

So many ideas, so many choices... so where do you start?

You can choose a designer to help you with your project. You can look at the latest trends in magazines or makeover television shows for ideas. But remember, this is your makeover.

While you are developing ideas for your new Kitchen or Bathroom, be sure to visit Frank Webb's Bath Center to look at a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary. Here you can touch it, feel it and see working displays. Let Frank Webb's Bath Center be your idea center.

For now, we would like to provide some ideas to consider while thinking of your new bathroom. When you are developing the layout for your new bathroom - consider what ultimately is going to be most important in your new space:

Of course, when and how the bathroom is used will determine which of these will be most important. For example, in a powder room or half-bath used occasionally by visitors, storage is not very important. But a family bath that is used several times a day by adults and children must have storage space for each user.

Tip: Universal design - Safe, convenient use of interior spaces by everyone is the goal of a growing trend called Universal Design, and it applies especially to bathrooms. For little ones, the elderly and the disabled, barrier-free showers offer grab bars, seating, handheld showers, long lever handled faucets or lower/higher height vanities.

Remodeling Projects That Pay for Themselves

Remodeling an outdated bathroom can be a great investment. According to a recent Remodeling Magazine "Cost vs. Value" report, American homeowners recoup an average of 90% of their renovation costs at resale. Adding a second bathroom is another project that will help make a property significantly easier to sell.

If pleasing prospective buyers and getting the greatest return on your investment is a major motivation behind your remodeling, you should keep the following in mind while you are renovating your room:

Small Changes You Can Make On Your Own

In the bathroom...

In the kitchen...

Ask our helpful showroom staff about ideas on how you can give your kitchen or bath a whole new look for not a whole lot of money!

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